Today saw one of London’s most forward thinking brands, Maharishi showcase their AW17 collection at London Fashion Week Men’s. The brand creates “environmentally sound, fair-trade produced, long-lasting, high-quality utilitarian clothing” and sources fabrics from outlets such as recycled military clothing.

The military influence is clear with the AW17 collection, featuring in the camouflage style makeup, though the clothing features a complex contrast of refined against rough. The collection features worldly influences, with some of the most eye-catching pieces featuring maps of Africa embroidered against the militaristic backgrounds.


Although largely in keeping with this theme, the brand did showcase some pieces that line up with trends that have been seen recently amongst street stylers and bloggers, such as simpler, statement pieces with embroidered motifs, as well as Japanese influenced details against silk. The looks showed a huge amount of versatility in the Maharishi collection, mixing the couture with a heavy dose of street style.


Although showcasing at Men’s Fashion Week, the pieces have a unisex nature, also featuring female elements of the collection, solidifying Maharishi as a multifaceted brand (they also design for kids!). The collection met with a resounding intrigue from the large crowd that attended the show, pulling off a successful presentation of their pugnacious pieces.


Check Out Maharishi online or follow them on Instagram!

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