Cartoon Collabs

In recent years, we’ve seen loads of collaborations between fashion brands and commercial brands – take for example Moschino and McDonalds or Moschino and Barbie (think there’s a trend here…). Anyway, recently there’s been even more, particularly with cartoons and I have been loving the quirky outlandish designs we’ve seen.

One of the most recent releases is from Stella McCartney and her collaboration with The Dandy.

The adorable print set against pale pink makes the pattern stand out in the sets offered. It’s not too in your face but still allows you to notice your favourite characters, and I love a good matching set.

Another brand that has done one of my favourite collaborations is Lazy Oaf, who joined forces with Disney.

I cannot get over my favourite piece, which is the Aristocat’s jacket, with adorable detail of pink bow sleeves reflecting the film perfectly. They also feature Mickey Mouse pinafore dresses, Cinderella dresses, and Cruella-esque coats, that are all worth checking out for Disney lover fashionistas.

London-based brand, Skinny Dip has somehow managed to make The Simpsons girly, with their collection of bags and accessories for your phone and iPad.

Never thought we’d say Moe, Mr. Burns and cute in the same sentence, but Skinny Dip has defied that with these clutches.

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