Feed Your Skin

If you’re anything like me, the winter weather messes with your skin (or any extreme weather for that matter). Over the holiday break I’ve been switching up my skincare regime to try and find what works best for me. Because my skin is pretty sensitive, and I’ve struggled for a while to find products that won’t make it break out I thought this might be a helpful guide to those of you who would like a gentle skincare regime too.

My first tip is probably one you’ve already heard of, but the explanation behind it might make you think twice about this product. I’ve struggled with makeup wipes making my skin break out when I’m removing my face at night as they can pretty rough with what they contain. Instead, I opt for micellar water at night to remove my eye makeup, and more importantly the makeup I put on my skin. This has changed my skin dramatically from before when I was using more chemical filled wipes.


You can pick it up in Boots or Superdrug and it’s only £3.33 at the moment, full size.

Another product I discovered whilst looking for things to try were the Masque Bar Green Tea Sheet Masks. My skin gets pretty dry and this made it the softest its felt in such a long time…hands down the best mask I’ve ever tried – and it didn’t make me break out so that’s a massive plus. Such a must have for dry skin and the effects are long lasting.


They’re a little more expensive at £9.99 for 3 masks, but you don’t need to use them often so they can last a while.

There’s a total myth surrounding moisturisers in that they can make you break out. But, if you get a water-based one you’re doing your skin so much more good than you think. Dry skin can also be prone to breakouts and by moisturising daily you reduce the effects of wrinkles in later life. One I’ve found to be pretty good is the Aveeno daily moisturiser. aveeno_moisturising_lotion_500ml_and_300ml_to_relieve_dry_skin_grande

It’s only £8.75, and goes quite a long way as the bottle is quite big and you only need some daily/daily+nightly.

I know it seems like a mega simple routine, but this is what I do to keep my skin in its best condition its been in for a while. I believe the more you put on your face the more you can make it react, so its always best to keep it simple, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin like mine. Pop on a bit of Lush’s Bubblegum Lip Scrup to tame dry lips and you’re good to go!

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