I’m constantly looking for ways to accessorise, and in the recent few years its become big to do just that, to your hair. Whether it be cute clips or going for a colour overhaul, there’s no doubt that everyone is at least considering making a big hair change. At the moment I’m loving pastels, especially greys and light pinks, but it definitely needs to be maintained properly in order to protect your hair. I’ve given you a couple hairspiration tips and pictures to maybe persuade you to go for a little (or big!) change.

Little Changes


I’m seriously in love with this hair colour/ranbow bow combination from Asos. To add a little pop to your hair you can get a fun accessory like this, with blends with a pastel or natural hair colour. It’s got cute pom poms in it too creating a kawaii look.


These star clips are a must have for both festivals and fun events. You can create cute patterns, which are really offset on monotone hair colours. I love all the possibilities that come with these and their size is perfect. They’re also from Asos.


If you want colour without the commitment, I am in love with these £4 hair sprays from Claire’s. They wash out so easily and look adorable sprayed on braided hair. You can experiment with so many colours and it doesn’t affect the condition of your hair like other semi-permanent hair dyes.

The Real Deal


Your hair is going to be mega thirsty if you decide to take the step to dye it, especially as most of the time its going to involve bleach. Load up on hair masks like this one from Kocostar, which is intensely hydrating and will decrease the risk of hair breakage.


If you’re going to dye your hair, it’s best to go to a professional and get all the tips you can. it’s okay  to dye it yourself, but its way more likely to work out flawlessly and heathy if you do it professionally, especially when you’re trying to bleach, tone and dye your own hair. If you’re anything like me it won’t be even at all and therefore the colour won’t be. My favourite place is BLEACH London, but you can check out and compare salons near you.

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