Whatcha Wearin? CPHFW AW/17

So, I had the amazing opportunity to combine two of my great loves – travel and fashion, by heading off to Copenhagen for fashion week early this February. We attended amazing shows and events, such as the Tommy Hilfiger breakfast, where we got a sneak peek of the new Gigi x Tommy collection, and show favourites such as MUNTHE, JEAN/PHILIPPE, and the VIA design show (my personal fave!). The designers in Copenhagen created some amazing stuff, and although its not as hyped up as other fashion weeks, it is definitely underrated considering the absolute talent we were able to see. The danishes were also pretty good too.

One thing I do feel compelled to tell all of you before we get in to the outfit portion of this blog post is that ‘Hygge’ is not real…I mean it means something but it isn’t as big of a deal as its been made out recently over in the UK and its totally just commercialised – at least according to a bakery owner. If you don’t know what ‘Hygge’ is – plz ignore.

Anyway – I thought I would include my outfits from Copenhagen because A) it was SO difficult styling in blooooody freezing weather and B) this might be helpful if you are trying to do just that – believe me it is possible even though I’m never dressed for the weather anyway – ha ha.


So, I’ll admit for day 1 I was a little bit idiotic and I never wore a dress again – but there are some subtle tricks here for a cute outfit in the cold – also some complete bargains. The dress I snapped up is from Ragged Priest and its only £13 at the moment, which is amazing considering they are usually pretty PRI£EY. Underneath I have a basics H & M dress which was only £3. As for the warming tip, I’m wearing, like, three pairs of tights. I have on two pairs of skin tights, (layered cause they always rip), with tan fishnets on top from Next, but you can get them everywhere at the moment! My hat is from Edit hats, who  donate one hat to the homeless for every hat bought.


This next outfit I wore to the Tommy Hilfiger breakfast – say hey to Dobrawa one of my writing besties looking like a model next to me because she is literally a model. Again, I’ve gone for the skin tights with fishnets, this time under ripped jeans which I got on sale at Missguided. The Tommy Hilfiger patch cami crop was only £10 from Depop (get Depop if you don’t have it yet) and the denim jacket – topshop – but again you can get them for a bargain price anywhere!


This is one of my favourite looks, because I believe it is one of the most creative. I’m cheating a little bit because we got the beanies in our Tommy Hilfiger gift bags – BUT – I have seen super cheap ones all over Depop. The hair is also a cheap wig Dobrawa picked up at a hair and beauty store for under £20, and under a hat they can look pretty legit if you want to switch up your look. I love pairing matching colours, so took my Urban Outfitters jumper and went matchy matchy with a red jacket sourced from a thrift shop for a tied together look.

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