Whatcha Wearin? LFW AW/17

London Fashion Week has just passed, and I had so much fun this season playing with outfits to wear to the shows I attended.

The first outfit I wore was a totally monochrome black and white look, with slicked back hair courtesy of Revlon, who were doing free hairstyles from the comfort of Lights of Soho. My top is from Missguided, but found it on Depop, shoes from Topshop, ruffle socks you can find anywhere, but I recommend Topshop because they do 3 for £8, the pants are from Zara, and my jacket is from a boutique store, El Quetzal in America. I find its easy to pair patterns when you pick pieces with similar colours, and go with that as an easy way to create a cool outfit. And my earrings are Primark!

My next outfit was a little more colourful as I went for a more girly, and less rock n’ roll look. I managed to grab the hoodie from Bershka for only a tenner (and its now on my Depop – it says “I don’t dress up for boys. I dress up to stare at my reflection as I walk by store windows.” I find something with a catchy slogan great as a statement piece, and yellow is really in for this season. The beret was £2 from Depop, the skirt – American Apparel.

My final outfit was super girly – like super and I think everyone that walked by me shouted “clueless” at me. I really am loving gingham and it doesn’t always have to be black, as demonstrated by J Crew. Socks – Topshop (they’re glittery blue!), crop top – Bershka, and skirt – American Apparel.


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