TRENDZ – One Colour Craze

To anyone who knows me, it is no secret that I love to dress in different shades of all one colour. It sounds boring, but it really isn’t and makes a statement that I love – especially because most of the time I execute it in pastel shades of pink and blue. It’s also a trend that I feel anyone can rock, because its pretty easy to pull off and it has a great affect aesthetic wise.

I really love blue for some reason, and I find its the easiest colour palette to go from, because its just so wearable.


This is an example of a full outfit I’d go for. I usually start with the item I have less options of – in this case my skirts. I took this American Apparel one because its pastel and the material is really cool. I have so many tops, so this part was easier. I opted for a pastel shade that was slightly more lilac toned rather than turquoise. This is a cute little sweater from Miss Selfridge.


Accessory-wise, I introduced another shade in the form of these Topshop earrings. However I like to keep some shades consistent to tie the look together, so paired it with this DIY butterfly clip I made, and a choker I picked up at New Look. These both matched the shade of the sweater.


The look all tied together – dreamy blue sky cloudsicle.

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